Spring is just around the corner, and as your lawn experts in Utah, we at Greenside are here to get you prepared. We handle a number of lawn care items as part of our services, and one of the most common problems we run into – especially coming out of winter – is sprinkler issues.

There are certain sprinkler problems which only a professional like ours at Greenside can solve. However, there are a few issues which you might be able to do something about on your own, or at least identify before they become more serious. Let’s take a look at a few.

Leaky Sprinkler

There are several elements which can cause a leaky sprinkler, including the seal wearing out over time and during the winter. It can also be caused by lawn mowers or physical damage. Leaky sprinklers can cause dry and soggy areas, plus more importantly can waste a lot of water and up your water bill.

If the sprinkler is leaking from the top, this is usually an easy fix – just make sure the cap is screwed on tightly. If that’s not it, there’s a chance it’s an issue with the seal or a clog. If the leak is coming from the body of the sprinkler, you may have to replace the entire thing.

Clogged Sprinkler

Generally caused by buildups over long periods of inactivity (like a winter), sprinkler clogs will stop water from spraying as far as it should. Usually, fixing these is as simple as opening the sprinkler with a screwdriver, then removing and cleaning the sprinkler filter. This may require you to take apart a few other parts, but these are usually simple.


This is a situation where water is spraying too far and landing outside the desired zone. This will create grass or plant issues, but can also contribute to high water costs. It’s usually caused by bad positioning, though, which is an easy enough fix for you. It’s often just an issue of the sprinkler not sitting straight up off the ground.

Blocked Water Flow

This is usually just a temporary issue like a trash can or branch disrupting water flow, but there will be times where it could relate to an issue in pipes or a connector somewhere. If basic checks to remove blocking items don’t do the trick, you may have to call in the pros.

To learn more about sprinkler care, lawn care or any of our landscaping services, speak to the experts at Greenside today.