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GreenSide’s professional lawn fertilization services covers everything your lawn needs, including disease control, balanced nutrition, and getting rid of those unwanted and invading weeds.

The 7-step lawn fertilization we offer in Salt Lake City ensures that we’re able to keep your yard in good health, 365 days of the year. Each application will be customized for your particular lawn, creating a balanced diet of nutrients it needs.

We also offer a guarantee on every service we provide.

We provide weed control and insect control for free until we resolve the problem. In the end, we guarantee you that you will love the results of our work.

All Year Fertilization

A truly qualified lawn expert conducts our fertilization work every four to six weeks. The weather is the biggest influence to fertilizer application. We refer to forecasts when scheduling our visit, so you know that we do our lawn fertilization in Utah in a timely fashion.

The first application occurs some time after March 1st, when we apply granular fertilizer to jumpstart the dormant lawn.

The second application, once spring begins, is the most important of the year. We apply several kinds of fertilizers and weed control products, including pre-emergent. It prevents Crabgrass and Spurge, two common unsightly lawn overgrowths.

The third application is another round of pre-emergent, a blanket herbicide treatment.

The fourth application is similar to the previous step, but with more focus on insect control. It’s usually insect season at this time, and with the proper treatment, we’ll be able to drive destructive pests away.

The fifth and sixth applications are reserved for the summer until the early fall. We start with granular fertilizer and spot spraying when the hot season starts to help with additional weed growth. This is a slow-release, specialized type of fertilizer that doesn’t need special watering; it will also prevent turf “burn” during the summer. Once it’s fall, we do spot spray again for further weed control.

The seventh and final step is a winterizer. We prepare your lawn for the dormant period during cold weather, basically helping it to “tuck in” for the winter.

Doing Extra Work for Free

In between and during our periodical fertilizer applications, we provide pest control services and weed control to our Sale Lake City patrons for free. We want to be sure that your lawn is ready and protected from pest invasion strong weed growth for the entire year.

Pet- and Human-Friendly Service

We choose to do granular application because it’s healthier for the lawn, lasts longer, and is safer. They are pet- and human-friendly, and for liquid application, they take just an hour to dry. Most of what we use in our pest and weed control is made from natural herbicides found in chrysanthemums. In small quantities, which we take extreme care to measure, it’s harmless.

If you’re looking for yard weed control or lawn fertilization in Utah, come to Greenside Landscaping. We provide everything you need and we are exhaustive in meeting extra weed and insect control work.

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