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GreenSide’s professional lawn fertilization services covers everything your lawn needs, including disease control, balanced nutrition, and getting rid of those unwanted and invading weeds.


Weeds are a gardener’s worst nightmare. Unlike pesky insects that you can control, they just seem to pop up everywhere and if you don’t get rid of them carefully, they can double your lawn maintenance time, forcing you to rework your lawn every time they start sprouting.

They also keep your flower beds from blooming. As the weeds spread, they compete with other plants for soil nutrients. They also take a lot of space in your lawn, giving other plants less room to grow. Because of this, the garden dries out and slowly dies. Ridding your garden of weeds and keeping them from spreading further are jobs you must leave to the professionals.

At GreenSide, we offer complete lawn fertilization in Salt Lake City that includes pre-emergent treatment and weed control. Lawn care is tricky business that even experienced gardeners have difficulty doing. After all, between weeds, alkaline soils, and dry hot summers, you really have your work cut out when it comes to maintenance, and not everyone has the skills to juggle all of the responsibilities.


When you don’t do lawn fertilization right, the only thing that might be proliferating in your backyard are weeds, and that’s something you don’t want happening to your lawn. The last thing you want is a bunch of intrepid weeds getting all the nourishment meant for your plants.

Our professional Utah lawn fertilization services ensures that only green grass is growing in your lawn, getting rid of unwanted and invading weeds that would spoil the aesthetics of your lawn. When you work with us, we ensure that your lawn is thick, healthy, and weed-free – just like a stadium, except it’s in your backyard. Also, we make sure other plants won’t suffer while we’re at it. We use quality, eco-friendly products to do the job.

At GreenSide, we offer complete lawn fertilization Salt Lake City-wide. Whether you need to get rid of encroaching weeds or are having difficulty keeping your grass healthy, we’ll get the job done right the first time around. Count on Greenside for a healthy and weed-free lawn. Call us today.

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