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As a gardener, your sprinkler system is an invaluable tool that reduces the amount of work and effort it takes to water your plants. The fact that it’s automated means that we often take it for granted, especially when it starts requiring maintenance.


Your garden’s sprinkler system does automatic irrigation, but it still requires repairs when its components get damaged or start failing. Sprinklers are made to withstand changing weather and extensive usage. But after a certain amount of time, their parts may start wearing out. As a gardener, you need to monitor your tools, and if your sprinkler hasn’t had any repairs done in a while, some problems with it may be left unaddressed. It will take a toll on your manicured lawn and water usage.

You have to watch out for signs of a failing irrigation system. Bare patches or flooded parts in your lawn are good indicators that your irrigation system may be at fault somewhere. It’s easy to ignore this, but the potential damage it can do to your well-manicured garden can be extensive. Either a patch of your garden will be starved for water, or it can put another part at risk of drowning due to a fault in irrigation.


At GreenSide, we cover every aspect of your garden, including your secondary systems like your sprinkler or automated irrigation system. We provide professional sprinkler repair services that don’t just address the problem, but keep it from breaking again. We identify and correct the specific problem your system is experiencing and address it before it negatively impacts your lawn.

We offer our sprinkler repair services Utah-wide. You can trust that once we fix it, we’ll keep it from breaking again. Whether you need simple sprinkler repair services or a more extensive reworking of your irrigation system, we’ll make sure to get the job right the first time around. When it comes to complete lawn maintenance, we’re leaders in our industry. Call Greenside today.

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