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01 May 2017

Noticing and Preventing Yard-Related Pests

Within the world of landscaping and yard care, there are a number of priorities to take. These can range from lawn care and weed control to fertilization concerns, and at Greenside, we’re here to help with any and all areas of need.

Another important consideration for the discerning gardener? Preventing pests in the yard, and particularly in trees. There are several pests that can damage and even ruin landscaping projects – luckily, though, there are also a few telltale signs. Here are a few of these signs.

Boring Insects

Boring insects are the types that tunnel inside trees and feed on their bark. These are often the most destructive pets for ornamental trees and shrubs. These bugs often make it impossible for the tree to transport water and nutrients.

You may notice exit holes in the trunk or branches of the tree, or sawdust-like debris or frass. You could also notice lots of leaves in the area. If you notice these issues repeatedly, or in multiple trees, you should call our Greenside professionals and set an appointment as soon as possible.

Chewing Insects

Chewing insects are often the simplest to notice, and create major damage to leaves or needles. For most trees, this sort of minor defoliation is not a problem – but more severe infestation, or a loss of leaf surface over several years, can reduce a plant’s ability to thrive and continue growing.

With chewing insects, you’re likely to notice nests in place, or even the insects themselves. You’ll see holes in leaves, and the skeletonization or complete removal of leaf tissue. An extreme rate of leaf loss may also take place in some cases.

Sucking Insects

There are several insects that survive purely by sucking sap and nutrients from plants or trees. These are often the toughest yard pests to detect – small and difficult to see. Nearly all woody ornamentals are at risk of infection by these insects, including mites, scales, aphids and others.

Signs here will include withered leaves, dieback on branches and tips, a sooty mold coating, sticky sap or honeydew, or the loss of needles. Premature leaf drop may also take place.

If you see any of these signs, or if you’re interested in any of our other landscaping services, contact the experts at Greenside today.

02 May 2016

3 Ways to Turn Your Yard Into Paradise

Your yard will be the envy of all your neighbors if you abide by the following landscaping guidelines to make your outdoor space the best that it can be.

  • Landscape for color, texture and height.

Adding interest to your backyard is a much more multifaceted process than simply having some shrubs planted around your patio door or installing sod on your lawn. Consider all of your senses when envisioning a landscaping plan for your yard. What are your favorite flowers and trees to smell? What are your favorite colors? Do you enjoy being able to see over your shrubs into your neighbor’s yard or would you prefer total serenity and privacy? Next, think about what landscape techniques might make these preferences a reality.

  • Grow fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals.

Having food plants in your yard will encourage you to spend more time outside picking, smelling and tasting. Whether you want to grow a few herbs in pots, build a raised bed for tomatoes and cucumbers or plant fruit or nut trees to enjoy cherries or walnuts later down the road, planting simple edibles in your yard will transform it from a pleasant place to be to a food-filled paradise.

  • Personalize, customize and tweak.

 No one landscaping plan works for every property owner or every backyard. Sit down with a piece of graph paper or a computer-based landscape design program and sketch out an idea of what you want your yard to look like. Or chat with a professional landscaper to get inspired before you put your ideas down on paper. The beauty of landscaping is that you can design your yard to look exactly as you want it to, no matter whether you dream of a waterfall-filled backyard, a yard centered around an outdoor grill patio or a garden that attracts as many birds and butterflies as possible.

As you start to spice up your yard for the summer call Greenside Landscaping to help turn your backyard into a landscape paradise.

02 Mar 2016

3 Ways to Beautify Your Backyard

Some people are born with a green thumb, while others find that skillset elusive. It would be nice to plant and maintain a gorgeous garden, but that’s just not in the cards for everyone. Fortunately, there are services available that will leave you not just with spectacular landscaping, but with an outdoor area that requires little maintenance. Here are 3 options that can transform your backyard without the burden of constant upkeep.

  1. Tranquil Fountains 

You don’t have to be at the Bellagio to see an elegant waterworks display anymore. There are dozens of fountains that can give your yard an aquatic serenity, including:

  • Zen Fountains – Small enough to place almost anywhere, creating a constant source of audible tranquility.
  • Tiered Fountains – These range in size and can act as a yard’s centerpiece or compliment the surrounding natural aesthetic.
  • Wall Fountains – Mount a wall fountain by an entryway so you can enjoy the sound of the water as you’re coming and going.

Fountains can be solar powered and recycle the water used, ensuring your water-themed yard is self-sufficient and economical.

  1. Forested Sanctuary 

For homeowners who struggle to keep their flowers blooming, trees can be easier to maintain while still providing beautiful foliage. With proper spacing, you’re able to create a little forest retreat in your own backyard. Greenside Landscaping services can help you figure out which species of tree will do best in your yard and on your specified budget.

  1. Maintenance-Free Rock Gardens

 Both time and your water bill are spared by a garden comprised of stoic stones. The rocks alone can create a dynamic scene, though they can also be paired with user-friendly succulents and other simple plants.

A well-manicured yard can seem like an impossible dream, but that really isn’t the case. Once you figure out the services you want, a low-maintenance, high-quality garden is pretty much a phone call away.