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Of all the possible garden decorations you can think of, rusted steel may not exactly be the first thing to come to mind. After all, how exactly is metal that has suffered from oxidation visually appealing? In fact, shouldn’t that kind of thing belong in the scrap heap?


It may surprise you how charming and earthy rusted steel pieces look. They don’t look out of place at all next to a patch of green and foliage and can really enhance the look of your garden, especially if you need something rustic. The contrast between the color of rust and the green of your backyard is just natural looking, and even a simple decoration or external wall finishing can really establish a rustic atmosphere.

The best part is that it isn’t as pricey as your standard wood or timber pieces. It’s just as sturdy and charming, and if you’re looking for something within your budget to enhance your garden, this is it. Rusted steel pieces are highly customizable and can act as an external covering or lining for your fences, borders for your garden steps, or even interesting looking structures that add an extra layer of rustic appeal to your lawn. The next time you think rusted steel belongs to the scrap heap, think of how it can add a unique design element to your garden.


GreenSide offers a range of rusted steel design ideas for your lawn. Our hand-cut metal set pieces are a unique and wallet-friendly alternative to your usual garden decorations, while offering the same level of rustic appeal to your usual timber and wood garden additions.

Turn your garden into a unique environment with our rusted steel decorations and landscaping services. At GreenSide, we supply only high-quality metal pieces that are sure to enhance your lawn’s visual appeal. Call us and give your garden a charming country twist with rusted steel, an unlikely but surprisingly beautiful décor material.

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