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Metal hardscaping is the opposite of traditional landscaping. It’s edgy, charming, and more sculptural than soft and natural. But it still tries to balance function and form. Some consider the use of metal as elegant, understated, and timeless for its minimalistic qualities.

At Greenside Landscaping, we want to add a touch of modern quality to your yard through rusted steel landscaping. Much like many contemporary design ideas, it’s “out there,” but the rust effect complements a garden well due to its earthy tones. More than that, using metal to hardscape has its own set of benefits.

The “It” Factor of Landscaping

Metal hardscape has a timeless quality. It’s long been used by professional landscapers as an ornamental addition, in the form of gates and fences. Now that it’s been brought to residential landscaping, we want to offer you something edgy, like using rusted metal.

Not only does it age well, rusted metal won’t age at all. The variety used in landscaping isn’t aged rust, but untreated steel edging. Many of these products have corrosion-resistant finishes, but it will take up to 40 years before the metal actually rusts through.

The metal we use is also maintenance-free and easy to fit with different landscape styles.

Rust Redefined in Landscaping

We can produce hand-cut set pieces of rusted metal to use in the project. This way, you’ll be able to create rusted metal landscaping that’s easy on the eyes and adds a modern touch to your yard.

We can build a retaining wall with the material, as well. We can also use it to keep your plants in place and create eye-catching separation among your garden beds, paths, and driveway.

Professional installation will take the stress out of shaping and putting up rusted metal. During rain or winter, it will be hard to maintain stability in the soil to ensure that the set pieces remain upright.

With Greenside Landscaping, you’ll be away from all this work and focused on creating a unique impression in your landscaping. Rusted metal in yard work will be a fantastic addition to your garden, giving it the visual appeal it needs to stand out.

Call us today and let’s discuss what rusted metal landscaping can do for your property. We offer free initial consultation and estimates.

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