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Weeds aren’t the only thing that can compromise the beauty of your lawn. Within the hidden depths of your garden are voracious creatures that are hungry for the flowers and plants that you’ve worked hard to care for.


No, they aren’t exactly monsters, but they might as well be. The dumpy caterpillar may not seem like a threat, but they can do serious damage to your plants. While they can’t really devour your entire patch of flowers or plants, they do leave a lot of holes in the leaves, and that’s not exactly visually appealing.

GreenSide offers professional tree and shrub care services in Utah. We know just how extensive the damage pests can do when they aren’t addressed immediately. With our local knowledge and twenty years of experience, we’re ready to stop grubs and encroaching insects from ruining your hard work and make sure to keep them from coming back.


What separates us from other lawn care companies in Salt Lake City is how detailed we are with our work. Most just simply go over the top side of the garden, get rid of some straggling grubs and beetles and call it a day. When you work with us, we get right to the source of your pest problems and make sure they don’t come back to pester your plants again.

If your garden’s at risk of encroaching beetles or hungry caterpillars, you know who to call. We offer complete pest control service in Salt Lake City, and make sure your hard grown plants and flowers are bug bite free.

When you work with us, we’ll make sure your lawn transforms into a low maintenance landscape that’s more than just aesthetically pleasing. Our landscaping competency and services includes everything from the creation of boulder walls, drip irrigation, and planting, to more specialized projects such as pergolas, grading, and excavations.

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