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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” in tree and shrub care. This is how Greenside Landscaping approaches tree and shrub care projects so that we can effectively maintain the beauty of your property.

Our tree and shrub program is a five-step application of three different services: deep-root fertilization, insect and disease spray, and dormant oil spray.

Deep Root Fertilization

The roots of trees and shrubs go deep, but they struggle in areas where there’s poor soil. If there’s also obstruction in the soil, on top of the poor quality, water may not reach the roots at all. Through deep-root fertilization, we’re able to inject nutrients directly into the root zone. This way, we provide the missing nourishment from the soil, causing incredible growth and color to trees and shrubs.

We apply deep-root fertilization once in spring, and once again in the fall.

Dormant Oil Spray

This method of pest control has no harmful side effects and solves infestation problems before they even begin. Dormant oil is horticulture oil applied before spring, killing virtually all insects in the property.

We assure you that children, pets, and the environment won’t inhale any residue from the spray application. It’s also very cheap in terms of pest control.

Insect and Disease Spray

We do insect and disease spray in the summer when pests often thrive. These additional applications will ensure that pests won’t bug you during the best period to be outside.

We are also licensed and trained to do tree injections, pruning, and removal. There’s no tree problem that we can’t diagnose, treat, or prevent altogether.

For capable maintainance of your trees and shrubs, let Greenside Landscaping do the job. We are detailed in our work. We will address your pest problems and ensure that your trees and shrubs are vibrant.

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