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We provide exceptional lawn fertilization, pest control, and landscaping services to a wide range of residential properties, and have been doing it for over 20 years. Our experienced landscapers set the standard each day in making your yard look beautiful. We will make your lawn the talk of the town!


lawn fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Greenside's lawn fertilization services cover everything your lawn needs including disease control, balanced nutrition, and getting rid of those pesky weeds.


Pest Control

We have pest control services that can treat all possible entry points around your home to prevent pests from returning. Visit our partner website!



Landscaping is something that most homeowners aren’t confident doing on their own. After all, when you have a big lawn, it’s difficult just deciding where to start.

Tired of the grass always looking greener on the other side?
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Complete Lawn Care Solutions in Utah

Greenside Landscaping commits to a complete maintenance of your property. We are a full-service lawn fertilization and pest control company that does everything you need to maintain the beauty of your yard and the curb appeal of your property.

We provide outstanding lawn care in Salt Lake City to both residential and commercial customers, delivering superior knowledge of the job and expertise seldom found among landscapers.Our 7-step fertilization and pest control service guarantees an entire year’s worth of treatment that will keep your lawn in excellent shape.

We also offer aeration, tree and shrub care, and pest control, all of which are important to the health and vibrancy of your lawn.

Why the Long Process?

Your lawn will continue to grow and host insects, making maintenance a continuing responsibility to any property owner. Our multi-step process ensures that we’re able to address lawn issues throughout the year. More than that, as a homegrown lawn expert in Utah, we know the environment here better than most pest companies. That’s why we developed our services to accommodate the effects of the insect cycle and the changing weather to your lawn, and how soil reacts to the climate in the city.

We visit every four to six weeks, and our customers benefit a lot from regular lawn care. We’re able to keep the lawn in good condition, while attending to any grass or growth issue that occurred in between our visits.

We will also handle all instances of weed overgrowth or insect presence (that are outside of our regular service) for free until we solve the problem.

Rest assured that our products are pet- and human-friendly, and that our personnel will always leave behind notes and reminders about the job. This will help if you need extra safety instructions, but you’re always free to ask our staff for more information.

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