At Greenside Landscaping, we’re here as your primary assist for landscaping projects large and small. Whether it’s a smaller item like proper greenery planting or a bigger project like a new pathway installation, our experts will help you from start to finish with materials, planning and expertise.

One of the issues we see most commonly as we get projects off the ground is a simple lack of planning. Many landscaping projects are big undertakings, and going about it improperly can cost you time and money. With that in mind, here are some common planning tips for your next big project.

Start Early

Many landscaping projects should begin being mapped out at least a couple months in advance, often up to six months in some cases. This will allow time to identify the proper materials needed, and to place any orders that require shipping if necessary. We’ve already passed this point this year, but some projects are best begun in the late winter or early spring – they can be finished before the hottest months in this case.

Draw It Out

As you get started, look to sketch out some basic design elements for your project. Consider the size of your yard and any impediments, and then move to design preferences – plants, areas of emphasis and any other major goals you have for the project. Consider whether children change your plans at all, and whether you have any drainage or plumbing issues to consider. And of course, sketching things out will help you properly budget for the items you’ll need.

Information Storage

As you get your layout completed, be sure to store it safely. Modern technology allows this to be done easily via a computer, and even if this isn’t your game, simple storage here should be easy enough. Don’t let months of planning go to waste by ignoring this detail.


And finally, finding a contractor with the proper licenses and reputation is a vital part of any major landscaping project. Our Greenside experts can help with everything from planning to execution, and provide expertise on material selection and application.

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