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01 Jan 2017

Health Hazards Caused by Pest Infestation

The most obvious reasons people require out pest control services at Greenside is obvious: They’re gross! The various creepy crawlers that might infest your house are both unsightly and unwelcoming for residents and guests alike, and their quick, safe and permanent removal is our specialty.

At the same time, perhaps our biggest concern given how much we care about each and every one of our clients? Safety. Pest removal isn’t just about getting rid of these creatures we dislike – it’s about creating a healthier environment. Many pests cause potentially serious health hazards if they’re left unchecked without proper pest control, and our biggest goal is making sure this never happens to you or your family. Let’s go over some of the most common health conditions posed by major pest infestations.

Asthma/Respiratory Problems

Many different kinds of pests can directly cause increased issues with people who have asthma or other respiratory diseases. A major triggering of allergic conditions also happens frequently. Roach droppings and carcasses release a protein that’s known to cause asthma attacks, and this sort of thing isn’t uncommon among the most common infestations.


This is a type of virus which can lead to everything from fever to respiratory problems, and can be fatal in the most severe cases. Hantavirus is most commonly found in mice and rodents – typically from their droppings, or dust with particles from their feces or urine.


Again caused by rodents, this is a bacterial disease that can be as mild as a basic fever or as severe as major brain swelling, kidney and liver failure and even death. Once again, rodent feces and urine are the two main culprits here.

Food Contamination

Various conditions like gastroenteritis, dysentery and salmonella are all caused by bacteria in food that generally comes from pest infestations. Flies, mice and roaches mostly cause these kinds of foodborne illnesses, which can lead to pain symptoms, dehydration and problems in the intestinal tract.

West Nile Virus

Generally transmitted through mosquitos, this common disease can become life-threatening and fatal quickly. Because of how quickly mosquitos can multiply and how easy it is to get bitten without knowing it, this is a particularly dangerous infestation.

If you’re worried about these or other conditions for you and your family, and you have the markings of an infestation, call the exterminators at Greenside today.

15 Dec 2016

Tips for Winter Pest Prevention

For some of us inexperienced with these issues, the onset of winter may signal a rest from any pest control issues. It’s cold after all, we think, and don’t pests die off at certain cold temperatures?

That would be a wonderful utopia, but it doesn’t reflect real life. Pets like rats and squirrels are alive and well at these times of year, and worse yet, they indeed aren’t huge fans of the cold temperatures – meaning they’ll try even harder than usual to get into your home where it’s warm and toasty. At Greenside, our pest control services are called upon just as regularly during the winter months, and sometimes even more often. Rodents invade over 20 million homes per year, according to the NPMA.

Before a rodent extermination becomes necessary, what are some tips to help prevent these pests in the home during winter?

Food Storage

Rodents and other pests can smell your open food from far away, and it’ll be their primary goal if they do. Make sure you store all food in airtight containers, and be sure not to let garbage pile up anywhere in the home. Uneaten food should be well sealed, and you should generally prefer plastic sealing containers rather than cardboard boxes which can be eaten through more easily.

Windows, Doors, Chimneys

These are some of the easiest places for pests to sneak in if you’re not diligent. Make sure you have screens over windows and chimney vents, and check all your doorways to ensure there aren’t any large cracks or spaces between the door and the doorway which might be allowing rodents in.

Seal Cracks

There are several additional areas where cracks or openings may form, including pipe entries, corners and crevices. Make sure you do a thorough examination of both the inside and outside of your home, and seal any areas that might be allowing unwanted visitors in.

Water Channeling

Many pests are drawn to water and can mate and replicate more quickly around it, so be sure to divert water flow in other directions where possible.

Watch for Signs

A common sign of a rodent infestation is gnaw marks on electrical wires or insulation, which rodents will often chew through. You may also find rodent feces, or in many cases you’ll actually be able to hear rodents scurrying around in your walls or pipes.

If you see any of these signs or believe you’re experiencing a winter infestation, call the pest removal experts at Greenside. We can diagnose and eliminate your problem with no hassle to you, and at a great low rate.

02 Jun 2016

Common Pests You Might Find Around Your Home

Nobody wants to share their home with bugs, but now that the summer weather is here, bugs are more likely to be out and about around your home, which means some of them are most certainly going to find their way inside. In order to effectively protect against pests in your home this summer, you will need to have an idea of what kinds of pests you are likely to see.


Ants are very small, and generally speaking they are harmful (most species), but it’s important not to underestimate how much of a problem they can be. Ants are continually looking for food sources and when they find one, they will bring a long line of friends to take the food back to their home. The best ways to prevent ants are to keep your home or business clean, take out the garbage, and don’t leave food around, but if you find that they are still coming in, talk to a pest control expert to help rid your home.


Mice, voles, and gophers are the most common rodents that you will see in Utah, especially if you live in a place where there are open fields nearby. Mice, in particular, can be harmful because they will often find their way into your home and can quickly multiply. It might surprise you to learn that if a mouse can fit their skull through a hole, they can squeeze the rest of their body through as well (for some that might mean fitting in holes as small as a nickel). Voles and gophers are not likely to come into your home, but they can wreak havoc on your yard and lawn, so if you spot the signs of any of these rodents, call a pest control company right away to get rid of them.


Perhaps the most frightening pests you are likely to see around your house this summer are spiders. Not all are harmful, though, so before you burn the house down because you saw a daddy longlegs spider behind your furniture, it’s important to note how many you have and what types they are. Poisonous and potentially dangerous spiders found in Utah include:

• Black widows
• Brown recluse
• Hobo (aka, aggressive house spider)
• Yellow sac
• American house spider

Others that you might see around, but that will not harm you, include daddy longlegs, domestic house spiders, and jumping house spiders. If you find dangerous or poisonous spiders in and around your home, or if you find five or more spiders in your home on any given day, call a pest control company in Salt Lake City to help get rid of them.