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01 Aug 2016

Get Your Backyard BBQ Ready

Outdoor parties are everyone’s favorite, and with Labor Day a few weeks away, you still have plenty of time to get the backyard in shape for a sizzling event nobody will forget. The team at Greenside Landscaping has compiled this list of services to help you throw the perfect outdoor BBQ complete with a light breeze, warm sunshine on your neck and food that really does taste better outside.

Give Your Lawn a Little TLC

Obviously the weather plays a huge factor in how your yard looks, but so do you. With just a little tender loving care, your yard can look as good as new. No matter what havoc the weather has caused. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your outdoor BBQ party prep.

  • Pull Out the Lawnmower

The first step to a great yard is a good trim. Run the mower over the grass, pull out the rake and you might even need to re-sod a couple dead areas. You should also check for holes or other tripping hazards before you set the kids free to roam on the grass.

  • Don’t Forget to Prune

Even if your grass is in great shape, all it takes is a few unruly sprigs on an overgrown bush to make the whole yard feel unkempt. If you regularly maintain your bushes, it should only take a couple minutes. If you let it go too long, expect to break a sweat before all those stragglers are gone.

  • Prep the Pit

Make sure your fire pit is in pristine condition by stocking wood (if it’s wood burning, of course), or wiping down any dirt or debris. Set up clean chairs and ensure everything is safe and secure.

If you need any help prepping your home for an outdoor BBQ party contact the team at Greenside Landscaping. Call the experts today at (801) 501-9666 for a  services consultation your yard will never forget.


01 Jul 2016

3 Reasons to Have Your Lawn Fertilized Regularly

Are you one of the many homeowners who wonder if regularly hiring fertilization services for your lawn is worth the cost? While properly caring for your lawn can take a small amount out of your home improvement budget each year, it is well worth the small price. Here are three benefits you will enjoy if you have your lawn fertilized regularly.

Keep Weeds at Bay

 Weeds can quickly turn an otherwise beautiful lawn into a tangled nightmare if they are allowed to get a foothold. Weeds look for opportunities to establish themselves in any area that gives them space to grow, including sparsely-growing grass. Hiring professional fertilization services on a regular basis can help thicken your grass and make it harder for weeds to find space to “move in” and make themselves comfortable.

Improve the Appearance of Your Yard 

One of the most enjoyable benefits of regularly fertilizing your yard is how quickly it can improve the appearance of your property. Everyone loves the look of lush, green grass, and now you can achieve this coveted look by simply giving your grass the nutrients it needs to look its best. Not only will a great-looking lawn make spending time outside more enjoyable, but it will also increase your home’s resell value.

Reduce Puddles and Mud Spots

Sparse grass tends to become muddier than thick grass in inclement weather. It is also more likely to form unwanted puddles and cause your property to look shabby and messy overall. You can reduce unpleasant puddles and mud spots by regularly fertilizing your grass. 

In addition to these benefits, having your lawn fertilized by professionals can ensure that the proper amount of fertilizer is used. Additionally, professionals who provide lawn fertilizing services know what type of fertilizer is ideal for your area. The end result is a beautiful, lush lawn that can be difficult for the average homeowner to achieve on their own.

02 Jun 2016

Common Pests You Might Find Around Your Home

Nobody wants to share their home with bugs, but now that the summer weather is here, bugs are more likely to be out and about around your home, which means some of them are most certainly going to find their way inside. In order to effectively protect against pests in your home this summer, you will need to have an idea of what kinds of pests you are likely to see.


Ants are very small, and generally speaking they are harmful (most species), but it’s important not to underestimate how much of a problem they can be. Ants are continually looking for food sources and when they find one, they will bring a long line of friends to take the food back to their home. The best ways to prevent ants are to keep your home or business clean, take out the garbage, and don’t leave food around, but if you find that they are still coming in, talk to a pest control expert to help rid your home.


Mice, voles, and gophers are the most common rodents that you will see in Utah, especially if you live in a place where there are open fields nearby. Mice, in particular, can be harmful because they will often find their way into your home and can quickly multiply. It might surprise you to learn that if a mouse can fit their skull through a hole, they can squeeze the rest of their body through as well (for some that might mean fitting in holes as small as a nickel). Voles and gophers are not likely to come into your home, but they can wreak havoc on your yard and lawn, so if you spot the signs of any of these rodents, call a pest control company right away to get rid of them.


Perhaps the most frightening pests you are likely to see around your house this summer are spiders. Not all are harmful, though, so before you burn the house down because you saw a daddy longlegs spider behind your furniture, it’s important to note how many you have and what types they are. Poisonous and potentially dangerous spiders found in Utah include:

• Black widows
• Brown recluse
• Hobo (aka, aggressive house spider)
• Yellow sac
• American house spider

Others that you might see around, but that will not harm you, include daddy longlegs, domestic house spiders, and jumping house spiders. If you find dangerous or poisonous spiders in and around your home, or if you find five or more spiders in your home on any given day, call a pest control company in Salt Lake City to help get rid of them.

02 May 2016

3 Ways to Turn Your Yard Into Paradise

Your yard will be the envy of all your neighbors if you abide by the following landscaping guidelines to make your outdoor space the best that it can be.

  • Landscape for color, texture and height.

Adding interest to your backyard is a much more multifaceted process than simply having some shrubs planted around your patio door or installing sod on your lawn. Consider all of your senses when envisioning a landscaping plan for your yard. What are your favorite flowers and trees to smell? What are your favorite colors? Do you enjoy being able to see over your shrubs into your neighbor’s yard or would you prefer total serenity and privacy? Next, think about what landscape techniques might make these preferences a reality.

  • Grow fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals.

Having food plants in your yard will encourage you to spend more time outside picking, smelling and tasting. Whether you want to grow a few herbs in pots, build a raised bed for tomatoes and cucumbers or plant fruit or nut trees to enjoy cherries or walnuts later down the road, planting simple edibles in your yard will transform it from a pleasant place to be to a food-filled paradise.

  • Personalize, customize and tweak.

 No one landscaping plan works for every property owner or every backyard. Sit down with a piece of graph paper or a computer-based landscape design program and sketch out an idea of what you want your yard to look like. Or chat with a professional landscaper to get inspired before you put your ideas down on paper. The beauty of landscaping is that you can design your yard to look exactly as you want it to, no matter whether you dream of a waterfall-filled backyard, a yard centered around an outdoor grill patio or a garden that attracts as many birds and butterflies as possible.

As you start to spice up your yard for the summer call Greenside Landscaping to help turn your backyard into a landscape paradise.

02 Apr 2016

4 Ways to Have the Best Lawn in the Neighborhood This Year

Does the sight of your neighbor’s beautiful, perfectly manicured lawn sometimes make you turn a little “green” with envy? It’s no secret that many people compare their own lawn to that of their neighbors—there’s even a saying about grass always being greener on the other side of the fence—but what if you had all the secrets to make your lawn the one that everyone in the neighborhood wishes they could have? Here are a few lawn tips that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Aerate in the Fall

The best lawns are the ones that can get plenty of water and nutrients down to the roots of the grass, and the best way to do this is to aerate the lawn. If you are planning aeration, make sure you have clearly marked the heads of your sprinklers to avoid running over them with the aerator. You may also be able to hire someone to do this for you in the fall.

Don’t Cut Too Soon

People who frequently cut their lawn and keep the blades excessively short (under 2-3 inches) will often start to notice patches of white coloring or more weeds in the lawn. That’s because cutting it causes the roots to die, making room for weeds and allowing grass blades to burn and get the white coloring. It’s important to keep your lawn well-manicured, but there’s no need to cut it every day.

Water at the Right Time

Watering your lawn in the middle of the day, especially if you live in a hot climate, is generally a big waste of water. That’s because much of the water you put on the lawn will evaporate into the atmosphere, leaving you with a hefty water bill and a brown lawn as the result. The best times to water are either in the early morning before the sun comes up or the late evening, right before or right after the sun goes down.

Use a Quality Lawnmower

If you do your own lawn mowing, make sure your blades are sharp. As blades dull you will notice blades of grass turning white the day after you mow. Even a lawn that is well taken care of will start to look dry and worn out with a dull lawnmower.

Rather than having to worry about sharpening your lawnmower blades or knowing exactly what height your grass should be, you can just hire a landscape company like Greenside Landscaping that will provide you with the right tools and expertise to get a sharp and beautiful lawn each year.

02 Mar 2016

3 Ways to Beautify Your Backyard

Some people are born with a green thumb, while others find that skillset elusive. It would be nice to plant and maintain a gorgeous garden, but that’s just not in the cards for everyone. Fortunately, there are services available that will leave you not just with spectacular landscaping, but with an outdoor area that requires little maintenance. Here are 3 options that can transform your backyard without the burden of constant upkeep.

  1. Tranquil Fountains 

You don’t have to be at the Bellagio to see an elegant waterworks display anymore. There are dozens of fountains that can give your yard an aquatic serenity, including:

  • Zen Fountains – Small enough to place almost anywhere, creating a constant source of audible tranquility.
  • Tiered Fountains – These range in size and can act as a yard’s centerpiece or compliment the surrounding natural aesthetic.
  • Wall Fountains – Mount a wall fountain by an entryway so you can enjoy the sound of the water as you’re coming and going.

Fountains can be solar powered and recycle the water used, ensuring your water-themed yard is self-sufficient and economical.

  1. Forested Sanctuary 

For homeowners who struggle to keep their flowers blooming, trees can be easier to maintain while still providing beautiful foliage. With proper spacing, you’re able to create a little forest retreat in your own backyard. Greenside Landscaping services can help you figure out which species of tree will do best in your yard and on your specified budget.

  1. Maintenance-Free Rock Gardens

 Both time and your water bill are spared by a garden comprised of stoic stones. The rocks alone can create a dynamic scene, though they can also be paired with user-friendly succulents and other simple plants.

A well-manicured yard can seem like an impossible dream, but that really isn’t the case. Once you figure out the services you want, a low-maintenance, high-quality garden is pretty much a phone call away.