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01 Dec 2016

4 Tips for Winter Lawn Care

 It’s winter and the snow is falling, which means there’s no longer any need to worry about your yard for a few months, right?

Wrong. Winter may mean certain lawn care items are no longer necessary for a little while, but assuming you can simply leave your yard alone for four months straight is a big mistake. At Greenside, our lawn experts know just how vital maintaining a few big areas is during the winter months, and we’re here to assist you with all your needs. What are some things you can be doing leading up to and during the winter to help maintain your lawn and yard?


Not only is lawn fertilization recommended during the winter, but late fall and early winter months are the very best time of the year for fertilization for many types of grasses. A fertilization round near the very end of fall or in early winter gives your lawn added nutrients to help it get through the winter – once things get colder and freeze over completely, the fertilizer will remain in the soil and continue feeding your grass the entire winter.

Objects on the Ground

Objects left on the ground during winter can become inconvenient or cause injury to young children, but in some cases they can also create problems for the lawn itself. Any bulky items left on the grass that remain there through major snowfall can cause large dead spots due to the weight of the object, and this could take you weeks to correct during the spring once grass thaws.

Before winter begins, and then at least once every few weeks during winter (especially if you have children who play outside often or outdoor pets who do the same), be sure to do a sweep of your yard for any foreign objects.

Lawn Traffic

Down similar lines, reducing as much foot and other traffic on your lawn will help keep grass healthy. Grass can survive a lot, but consistent pressure may damage it for the upcoming spring. Keep sidewalks and driveways clear so you and any guests don’t need to walk across grass often, and never allow anyone to park or drive on your lawn.

Fall Preparation

There are a few late fall tips to keep in mind every year:

  • Fertilize before first freeze if possible
  • Rake away leaves and other dirt
  • Clear debris from yard
  • Cut grass shorter over final few months of fall – discourages mice and also protects new growth

To learn more about this or any of our landscaping services, contact our friendly customer service specialists at Greenside today.

01 Nov 2016

3 Things to Look for in a Snow Removal Company

Now that the snowflakes have started to fall, it’s time to think about how you will be able to clear that snow away. Whether you’re a business owner, a property owner, or simply a homeowner who doesn’t have a way to clear your own snow, a snow removal company in Utah can help. But you can’t hire just any company—the key is to know how to find the best company for your needs.


It’s impossible to predict at the beginning of the season just how many days it will snow, or how much, during any given winter in Utah. For that reason you need to know that whenever it snows your snow removal company will be there to help. That means being there in the middle of the night, the early hours of the morning, or during rush hour commutes. A reliable snow removal company will be there no matter what.


The next thing to consider is whether the snow removal company you are considering has all the necessary equipment to do the job. Clearing snow from your driveway requires something different than clearing snow out of your neighborhood or your company’s parking lot, but all will require vehicles that can handle driving in slippery, snowy conditions. In addition to clearing the snow, the company you hire will need to have equipment to spread salt or other ice melt.


Having the wrong equipment can make a difference for snow removal, but so can having the wrong people. Clearing snow is about more than just driving a plow; it’s understanding the most effective ways to move snow from driveways and parking lots to places where people can safely navigate walking and driving.


Even with the most skilled employees, snow and ice can be unpredictable. That means you want to hire someone for your snow removal who carries proper insurance to protect your property in the event something does go wrong. Some companies may even have insurance, but if you don’t check the fine print you might find out the hard way that you are liable if someone slips and falls or crashes in your parking lot as the result of the snow and ice left behind. Having a minimum amount of insurance and coverage that protects you as a company will help.


The final consideration in evaluating your snow removal contractor is the cost. Make sure you choose a company that provides great service with a price tag that keeps you on budget. However, in many cases—and snow removal is no exception—you will get what you pay for, so don’t just go for “cheap” service; in that case you’ll probably get “cheap” work done.

Rather than dreading the snow, hire a snow removal company with the best equipment, that is reliable, that has trained employees, and is affordable, and you can get through the snowy season without worrying.

15 Oct 2016

Using Pavers in Your Landscaping

Want to turn your boring landscape into something more elegant? Landscaping pavers are just the components that you need.

Landscaping pavers are less expensive than stone, more vibrant than brick, and more appealing than asphalt and are a fantastic way to make your front or backyard an expansion of your home’s interior.

Your local landscaping services should be able to aid you in making your property the envy of your neighborhood.

Here we will talk discuss the types of pavers and where to use them.

Types of Pavers

Pavers might come in multiple different colors and textures, but there are just two basic types: interlocking and architectural slab. Both types include gravel, sand, cement, and water; consistency and stability depends on the construction process.

Interlocking pavers are usually used for heavy traffic areas, such as driveways and patios. They are made with a harder concrete mix, have uniform spacers, and are thicker.

Architectural slab pavers offer an appealing look and are made with wet concrete. They do not have spacers and are made to look like stone of brick. These pavers are thinner and are more vulnerable to freeze-thaw cycles and more likely to crack.

Where to Use Pavers

The uses for pavers are only reduced by your imagination. A paver driveway provides a friendly look to guests when they arrive and escalates your curb appeal.

With the variety of textures and colors available, there are infinite options to design a customized setting with a walkway, patio, or even an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.

Pavers are also perfect for an enhancing accent around an in-ground pool.

You could use them to draw out other features of your estate as well, such as flowerbeds, bushes, and tress. Planting beautiful flowers close to a winding walkway makes for fascinating focal points that you and your guests can appreciate.

If you put your mind to it, you will find all kinds of great ways to use paves in your landscaping. Your yard may even become the envy of the neighborhood.

01 Oct 2016

Top Fall Tasks for Your Landscape

Fall is a crucial time for lawns and gardens and many homeowners don’t realize this. Although the summer blooms are gone, bright colors are fading, and winter is creeping in, fall is an important time to get your landscaping ready to the next growing season.

Some helpful tasks that will save you time and money on services are:


Having just spent the spring and summer growing and spreading, fall is the time to decide which perennials may have gotten too big and are ready to be divided and replanted. There is no better way to save money than to shop in your own yard to get new plants for new areas.

Dig your perennials up, cut them in half, and put one half back where they were and plant the other half in another location.


At times, some areas of your garden or flower beds will do so well they will get a little cramped. Fall is a good time to transfer small- to mid-sized plants from close quarters to a more roomy area.

Keep in mind when you transplant and divide, it’s like new plants—they will need extra water.

Spring Clean-up for Fall

Attack your landscape now as if you are doing a spring clean-up. Take the time to arrange a few weekends to rake leaves, cut down perennials, and edge your beds; you will make getting ready for spring much easier on yourself.


Many people assume that by fall they can stop weeding, forgetting about the late summer weeds, and leave them in the beds. This is definite way to ensure that next year there will be even more weeds.

Weeds go to seed in the fall and get spread by birds and the wind. They lay hidden through the winter patiently waiting for spring and what do you know—a whole new crop of weeds!

Take the time to weed fully in the fall, taking out roots and you will have a much better chance of getting your mulch down early and do less weeding in the spring.


Some may think spring is the best time to seed your lawn and it is not. The ground is still cold and plants are just coming out of winter and are slow to react to fertilizing.

Fall is in fact the best season for seeding or reseeding because the soil is warmed up and responsive. Rain usually returns in the fall as well, promoting new root growth.

15 Sep 2016

The Benefits of Snow Removal

With winter right around the corner it is probably time to start thinking about snow removal. One of the smartest things you can do as a home or business owner is to utilize professional snow removal services.

Keep up Curb Appeal

Clearing away snow piles from driveways and front entrances will help families maintain a friendly and nice-looking environment.

Prevent Accidents

Seasoned snow removal companies have the expertise needed to get rid of slippery patches of ice and snow from busy walkways. This will help your home and business as accidents do occur every year due to slips and falls during the winter weather. It will also give you greater peace of mind knowing you do not have to worry about guests or employees having an accident due to snow or ice.

Specialized Equipment

Professional snow removal companies will have expensive equipment that is designed to speed up the removal process. Homeowners and businesses don’t’ typically invest in that type of machinery, so without snow removal services you may find yourself at a disadvantage when snowfall hits.


If you assign someone in the household or the office to be in charge of cleaning the snow from paths and walkways that won’t always work well. A lot of times they will get called away in the middle of the task and may not get completed. By hiring professional snow removal services you will know that the job will get done completely without interruption.

Prevent Lost Income

This might be one of the most significant reasons to hire professionals to do your snow removal. Snow is a huge obstacle for drivers and if it does not get cleared it can cause absence or tardiness to work. When the temperatures drop and there is snow one must allow more time in their morning routine to warm the car and clear the snow. Having to spend large amounts of time shoveling out the driveway may take away from an employee’s productivity. You can avoid this problem by entrusting the professionals to remove your snow.

During the harsh winter months snow removal will prove to be a very valuable service.

01 Sep 2016

Questions to Ask Before Hiring Landscaping Services

If you are considering hiring a landscaping company it is important to know what types of services you are looking for. Some companies specialize in lawn maintenance and do not have all the resources to implement a plan from scratch.

Once you figure out what type of services you need, it’s time to find the right company.

Here are some questions to ask companies when interviewing them.

Are you fully insured?

This should be the first question that you ask anyone who will be doing work in or around your home. This is especially true for landscapers because they may be moving heavy trees and plants, and also using machinery on your property.

How long have you been in business?

You don’t want to hire a company that offers you more than it can handle, so make sure the company you hire has the experience, manpower, and skill to the project.

An established company will usually have an office and a website.

Do you have industry specialists?

While crews that can put in plants and sod are great, you may need an arborist when dealing with trees.

A horticulturist can be helpful as well especially when it comes to placing plants and know what works best in a specific region.

Will you stay on my project until complete?

You should never assume that you are a company’s only customer. Get a clear estimate of when your lawn should be completed so you aren’t waiting while work is being done on another home.

Can you provide drawings of the plan?

Ask each company to prepare a sketch of the design, this is the best way you can imagine what they are proposing. In addition ask for photos of other projects they have done.

What’s your guarantee?

Respectable landscapers should be willing to guarantee their work for two years at least, but five is preferred. Ask about separate warranties for plants as well.

What installation process will be used?

This can be split up into categories: how are they going to build your project, and what materials and equipment will they be building with.

Landscaping companies should have some typical building practices and construction specifics for how they build each project.

01 Aug 2016

Get Your Backyard BBQ Ready

Outdoor parties are everyone’s favorite, and with Labor Day a few weeks away, you still have plenty of time to get the backyard in shape for a sizzling event nobody will forget. The team at Greenside Landscaping has compiled this list of services to help you throw the perfect outdoor BBQ complete with a light breeze, warm sunshine on your neck and food that really does taste better outside.

Give Your Lawn a Little TLC

Obviously the weather plays a huge factor in how your yard looks, but so do you. With just a little tender loving care, your yard can look as good as new. No matter what havoc the weather has caused. Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your outdoor BBQ party prep.

  • Pull Out the Lawnmower

The first step to a great yard is a good trim. Run the mower over the grass, pull out the rake and you might even need to re-sod a couple dead areas. You should also check for holes or other tripping hazards before you set the kids free to roam on the grass.

  • Don’t Forget to Prune

Even if your grass is in great shape, all it takes is a few unruly sprigs on an overgrown bush to make the whole yard feel unkempt. If you regularly maintain your bushes, it should only take a couple minutes. If you let it go too long, expect to break a sweat before all those stragglers are gone.

  • Prep the Pit

Make sure your fire pit is in pristine condition by stocking wood (if it’s wood burning, of course), or wiping down any dirt or debris. Set up clean chairs and ensure everything is safe and secure.

If you need any help prepping your home for an outdoor BBQ party contact the team at Greenside Landscaping. Call the experts today at (801) 501-9666 for a  services consultation your yard will never forget.


01 Jul 2016

3 Reasons to Have Your Lawn Fertilized Regularly

Are you one of the many homeowners who wonder if regularly hiring fertilization services for your lawn is worth the cost? While properly caring for your lawn can take a small amount out of your home improvement budget each year, it is well worth the small price. Here are three benefits you will enjoy if you have your lawn fertilized regularly.

Keep Weeds at Bay

 Weeds can quickly turn an otherwise beautiful lawn into a tangled nightmare if they are allowed to get a foothold. Weeds look for opportunities to establish themselves in any area that gives them space to grow, including sparsely-growing grass. Hiring professional fertilization services on a regular basis can help thicken your grass and make it harder for weeds to find space to “move in” and make themselves comfortable.

Improve the Appearance of Your Yard 

One of the most enjoyable benefits of regularly fertilizing your yard is how quickly it can improve the appearance of your property. Everyone loves the look of lush, green grass, and now you can achieve this coveted look by simply giving your grass the nutrients it needs to look its best. Not only will a great-looking lawn make spending time outside more enjoyable, but it will also increase your home’s resell value.

Reduce Puddles and Mud Spots

Sparse grass tends to become muddier than thick grass in inclement weather. It is also more likely to form unwanted puddles and cause your property to look shabby and messy overall. You can reduce unpleasant puddles and mud spots by regularly fertilizing your grass. 

In addition to these benefits, having your lawn fertilized by professionals can ensure that the proper amount of fertilizer is used. Additionally, professionals who provide lawn fertilizing services know what type of fertilizer is ideal for your area. The end result is a beautiful, lush lawn that can be difficult for the average homeowner to achieve on their own.

02 Jun 2016

Common Pests You Might Find Around Your Home

Nobody wants to share their home with bugs, but now that the summer weather is here, bugs are more likely to be out and about around your home, which means some of them are most certainly going to find their way inside. In order to effectively protect against pests in your home this summer, you will need to have an idea of what kinds of pests you are likely to see.


Ants are very small, and generally speaking they are harmful (most species), but it’s important not to underestimate how much of a problem they can be. Ants are continually looking for food sources and when they find one, they will bring a long line of friends to take the food back to their home. The best ways to prevent ants are to keep your home or business clean, take out the garbage, and don’t leave food around, but if you find that they are still coming in, talk to a pest control expert to help rid your home.


Mice, voles, and gophers are the most common rodents that you will see in Utah, especially if you live in a place where there are open fields nearby. Mice, in particular, can be harmful because they will often find their way into your home and can quickly multiply. It might surprise you to learn that if a mouse can fit their skull through a hole, they can squeeze the rest of their body through as well (for some that might mean fitting in holes as small as a nickel). Voles and gophers are not likely to come into your home, but they can wreak havoc on your yard and lawn, so if you spot the signs of any of these rodents, call a pest control company right away to get rid of them.


Perhaps the most frightening pests you are likely to see around your house this summer are spiders. Not all are harmful, though, so before you burn the house down because you saw a daddy longlegs spider behind your furniture, it’s important to note how many you have and what types they are. Poisonous and potentially dangerous spiders found in Utah include:

• Black widows
• Brown recluse
• Hobo (aka, aggressive house spider)
• Yellow sac
• American house spider

Others that you might see around, but that will not harm you, include daddy longlegs, domestic house spiders, and jumping house spiders. If you find dangerous or poisonous spiders in and around your home, or if you find five or more spiders in your home on any given day, call a pest control company in Salt Lake City to help get rid of them.

02 May 2016

3 Ways to Turn Your Yard Into Paradise

Your yard will be the envy of all your neighbors if you abide by the following landscaping guidelines to make your outdoor space the best that it can be.

  • Landscape for color, texture and height.

Adding interest to your backyard is a much more multifaceted process than simply having some shrubs planted around your patio door or installing sod on your lawn. Consider all of your senses when envisioning a landscaping plan for your yard. What are your favorite flowers and trees to smell? What are your favorite colors? Do you enjoy being able to see over your shrubs into your neighbor’s yard or would you prefer total serenity and privacy? Next, think about what landscape techniques might make these preferences a reality.

  • Grow fruits and vegetables as well as ornamentals.

Having food plants in your yard will encourage you to spend more time outside picking, smelling and tasting. Whether you want to grow a few herbs in pots, build a raised bed for tomatoes and cucumbers or plant fruit or nut trees to enjoy cherries or walnuts later down the road, planting simple edibles in your yard will transform it from a pleasant place to be to a food-filled paradise.

  • Personalize, customize and tweak.

 No one landscaping plan works for every property owner or every backyard. Sit down with a piece of graph paper or a computer-based landscape design program and sketch out an idea of what you want your yard to look like. Or chat with a professional landscaper to get inspired before you put your ideas down on paper. The beauty of landscaping is that you can design your yard to look exactly as you want it to, no matter whether you dream of a waterfall-filled backyard, a yard centered around an outdoor grill patio or a garden that attracts as many birds and butterflies as possible.

As you start to spice up your yard for the summer call Greenside Landscaping to help turn your backyard into a landscape paradise.