The most obvious reasons people require out pest control services at Greenside is obvious: They’re gross! The various creepy crawlers that might infest your house are both unsightly and unwelcoming for residents and guests alike, and their quick, safe and permanent removal is our specialty.

At the same time, perhaps our biggest concern given how much we care about each and every one of our clients? Safety. Pest removal isn’t just about getting rid of these creatures we dislike – it’s about creating a healthier environment. Many pests cause potentially serious health hazards if they’re left unchecked without proper pest control, and our biggest goal is making sure this never happens to you or your family. Let’s go over some of the most common health conditions posed by major pest infestations.

Asthma/Respiratory Problems

Many different kinds of pests can directly cause increased issues with people who have asthma or other respiratory diseases. A major triggering of allergic conditions also happens frequently. Roach droppings and carcasses release a protein that’s known to cause asthma attacks, and this sort of thing isn’t uncommon among the most common infestations.


This is a type of virus which can lead to everything from fever to respiratory problems, and can be fatal in the most severe cases. Hantavirus is most commonly found in mice and rodents – typically from their droppings, or dust with particles from their feces or urine.


Again caused by rodents, this is a bacterial disease that can be as mild as a basic fever or as severe as major brain swelling, kidney and liver failure and even death. Once again, rodent feces and urine are the two main culprits here.

Food Contamination

Various conditions like gastroenteritis, dysentery and salmonella are all caused by bacteria in food that generally comes from pest infestations. Flies, mice and roaches mostly cause these kinds of foodborne illnesses, which can lead to pain symptoms, dehydration and problems in the intestinal tract.

West Nile Virus

Generally transmitted through mosquitos, this common disease can become life-threatening and fatal quickly. Because of how quickly mosquitos can multiply and how easy it is to get bitten without knowing it, this is a particularly dangerous infestation.

If you’re worried about these or other conditions for you and your family, and you have the markings of an infestation, call the exterminators at Greenside today.