For some of us inexperienced with these issues, the onset of winter may signal a rest from any pest control issues. It’s cold after all, we think, and don’t pests die off at certain cold temperatures?

That would be a wonderful utopia, but it doesn’t reflect real life. Pets like rats and squirrels are alive and well at these times of year, and worse yet, they indeed aren’t huge fans of the cold temperatures – meaning they’ll try even harder than usual to get into your home where it’s warm and toasty. At Greenside, our pest control services are called upon just as regularly during the winter months, and sometimes even more often. Rodents invade over 20 million homes per year, according to the NPMA.

Before a rodent extermination becomes necessary, what are some tips to help prevent these pests in the home during winter?

Food Storage

Rodents and other pests can smell your open food from far away, and it’ll be their primary goal if they do. Make sure you store all food in airtight containers, and be sure not to let garbage pile up anywhere in the home. Uneaten food should be well sealed, and you should generally prefer plastic sealing containers rather than cardboard boxes which can be eaten through more easily.

Windows, Doors, Chimneys

These are some of the easiest places for pests to sneak in if you’re not diligent. Make sure you have screens over windows and chimney vents, and check all your doorways to ensure there aren’t any large cracks or spaces between the door and the doorway which might be allowing rodents in.

Seal Cracks

There are several additional areas where cracks or openings may form, including pipe entries, corners and crevices. Make sure you do a thorough examination of both the inside and outside of your home, and seal any areas that might be allowing unwanted visitors in.

Water Channeling

Many pests are drawn to water and can mate and replicate more quickly around it, so be sure to divert water flow in other directions where possible.

Watch for Signs

A common sign of a rodent infestation is gnaw marks on electrical wires or insulation, which rodents will often chew through. You may also find rodent feces, or in many cases you’ll actually be able to hear rodents scurrying around in your walls or pipes.

If you see any of these signs or believe you’re experiencing a winter infestation, call the pest removal experts at Greenside. We can diagnose and eliminate your problem with no hassle to you, and at a great low rate.